Medical Cannabis Protection Division

             M.C.P. DIVISION

Southern California Private Patrol is now introducing our (MCP Division) Providing security for legal marijuana sites and operations. Under experienced leadership, military veterans and former law enforcement, officers are trained with the most advanced and cutting-edge techniques, providing a level of service and security unmatched in the cannabis industry. Such individuals have a set of skilled training that exceeds most. Protection agents under go routine training and executive protection training exercises in order to be prepared should an incident occur.  We have the technical knowledge and expertise to ensure your business is secure.


The unique legal environment for business and individuals working in the cannabis industry requires confidentiality and professional discretion.

Our Protective Managers, Protective Agents and staff all undergo extensive background checks and are individually vetted and trained to understand and protect the confidentiality and privacy of all our clients.



Cannabis operations can be a main target in which, can result into hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss product and money.


Society today has faced many threats from domestic terrorism to international terrorism. Within the field of medical marijuana cultivation. Such facilities face a threat of their own and with this in mind. SCPP Protection Agents are prepared to face such threats head on.

High Risk:

This type of business would be considered a “High Risk Protection Detail. So with that in mind SCPP handpicks their Protection Agents in order to provided the best security possible for their clients. SCPP Protection Agent teams are comprised of former law enforcement officer's and United States military veteran's.


Southern California Private Patrol is a proud new member of the Adelanto Chamber Of Commerce!!!!

Created by Chief Camarena & Captain Almanza